About Us

About Us

Known for its unrivaled diversity across the globe in terms of culture, practices and festivals, India is truly the most colorful country in the world, both literally as well as figuratively, given the ample use of colors in rituals and celebrations. With the goal of contributing and intensifying the same, Rajtilak Kumkum Industries presents a highly demanded range of natural colors and gulals, whose excellent shades and skin friendly nature makes them an ideal choice.

Our company was established in 2003, and since then, we have garnered widespread acclaim and reputation for our stellar products, which managed to win the trust of consumers on account of their unrivaled quality. We have succeeded in cementing our position in the market as an eminent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of products such as Holi Colors, Holi Gulal, Holi Gulal Powder, Gulal, Rangoli color and Kumkum to name a few, that come in a wide portfolio of vivid shades and packaging sizes.

Quality Assurance

Rajtilak Kumkum Industries has been a renowned name ever since it stepped foot in the market, thanks to its array of best-in-class gulal, Kumkum and similar color products, that have become a favorite of the masses on account of their stellar quality and traits. We employ 100% natural substrates and organic sources for manufacturing our range of colors, which are then comprehensively tested for presence of contaminants, to make sure that they are totally safe and do not cause any form of skin irritation, discomfort, side effect or illness.

Why Choose Us?

Unmatched purity, skin friendliness and vivid hues have been the hallmark of colors, gulal and Kumkum offered by Rajtilak Kumkum Industries, traits that have pulled consumers towards our offerings, in addition to their affordable pricing. Listed below are a few remarkable traits associated with our company that make us an ideal choice :
  • We utilize only the best quality and 100% pure natural extracts in the manufacturing process
  • Quality tested and certified for safe usage by certification authorities and third party personnel
  • High consistency with minimal granule formation due to the robust packaging
  • We are fully capable of fulfilling bulk orders within limited time frames
  • Quick dispatch on our end and swift delivery of consignments is assured
  • Highly competitive price points, offering way higher value for the price they carry
  • Transparent business proceedings and ethical business policies

We are supported in our endeavors of excellence and market leadership by our state of the art manufacturing facility, that is well equipped with all the requisites amenities and is spread over an area of 5000 sq. feet, having a monthly production output of nearly 1.5 tons. The crushers, grinders and mills used in the unit are the latest and most advanced iterations of the existing versions, and are calibrated accordingly for stellar output and efficiency, that translates well into making best-in-class products.

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